Buying Property at Auction

Buy Property at Advanced Property Auction

housesBuying property at auction is the ideal way to look for your potentially dream home or next renovation project. It is often the preferred route for those looking for their ideal property due to the benefits that the process offers, namely the speed and security. Below are a list of the advantages in using our service that specifically benefit buyers looking for that additional peace of mind.

  • Fixed exchange and completion dates
    These realistic yet fixed timescales are set from the start to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible to timescales that benefit both buyer and seller.
  • Time to arrange your finance
    Due to our exchange and completion fixed timescales, the auction route is accessible to all buyers who need the time to organise their finances. This gives buyers an opportunity to arrange a mortgage or loan.
  • Bid online 24/7
    Our online platform allows you to bid remotely on a property of interest. You can also place your bid via our customer helpline or your chosen Estate Agent.

Making things clear is important to us. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.