Selling Property at Auction

Sell Your House Quickly & Securely

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- Times have changed and new methods of auction have entered the market place!

At Advanced Property Auctions, we offer modern solutions with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly, increase interest in their property and offer guaranteed routes to a fast completion. Below are just some of the benefits of our service that specifically help sellers looking for that additional peace of mind.

- 0% commission to sell

Selling your property through modern method of auction is a 0% commission way of selling your property.

The security of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit

Buyers pay this to secure your property, so you can be sure they are committed to the sale.

- An undisclosed reserve price

This figure is set separately to your opening marketing guide price to ensure you reach a selling price you are happy to accept.

- A fixed date to sell & move

These fixed timescales are set from the start and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

- Greater levels of interest & viewings

Your property will naturally receive greater exposure from our website, your estate agent's website, and our online bidding facility which is accessible at all times. This will significantly raise interest around your property, resulting in increased viewings and bids.

- Achieve market value

Due to increased activity, a competitive bidding war may take place to win your property, naturally driving up the final selling price, achieving the best price possible for you.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please call our Auction Department on 0333 366 1087 to speak with one of our Auction Specialists without obligation.

They have the experience and know-how to get you from start to sold in a transparent and seamless process.

Auction could be the perfect opportunity for you to sell you house fast and securely with less hassle.